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T-Phonum MKII

State-of-the-art phono preamplifier

Over ten years of constant development for a highly customizable DIY project that, thanks to its special multi-stage combination of gain and equalization, is able to provide exceptional performance.


An extraordinary op-amp

Thanks to a discrete component input with state-of-the-art noise performance, the BK251 op-amp is capable of providing an input noise density of only 0.5 nv/Hz, lower than that of any existing audio integrated op-amp on the market.

But that’s not all: with its excellent dynamic performance, the BK251 provides an exceptional audio reproduction, making it the perfect partner for MC cartridges.

Step-up? Goodbye!

Now hold on

Here comes the news


The simplest solution to create a two-enclosures T-Phonum MKII

A capacitance multiplier pre-regulator with optimal attenuation of noise, useful to directly power a T-Phonum MKII (opt. A).

And if you like to listen in headphones…


Headphone amplifier

A quality audio op-amp is combined with an ultra fast output stage creating a headphone amplifier that works exquisitely well.

You and your neighbor will be happy.

The Blackbird Sound Project
is also theory

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